proudly present:


+16 tracks / MIDI channels
+5 patterns (up to 255 bars)

+100 memories for Patterns
+100 memories for Presets
(load and save while playing)

+Real-time recording
+MIDI CC# recording
+Unlimited overdubs
(up to 16 Tracks simultaneously)

+Euclidian sequence generator
(conditions like scales, mono/poly)

+Polyphonic Step Sequencer
+Arpeggiator & Chords in Scale

+Transpose per track
+Mute, Swing, Scaler…

+Easy and fast change of lengths
(during recording and playback)
+Quantize (realtime / afterwards)
+Step editor (micro timing 1/192)

+Polyphony up to 128 voices
+ProgramChange Presets
+Simple and minimal concept…

and more…

prototype review, German (SequencerTalk)
dawless jam using MidiTraC
@liced25 – live at Superbooth 23

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